Be Useful For All Our Stakeholders!

Our company philosophy is “ALL FOR THE BENEFITS OF OUR STAKEHOLDERS!” and I’m always aware that there’s Oka Foods because it’s supported by all of our stakeholders so the company will help them to become happier!

(Message of Oka Foods’ President)


  • Representative: TAKAYUKI OKA (CHO)
  • Business description: Development, manufacturing, import and sales of processed fishery products and frozen seafood
  • Head office location: Tsukiji 242 BLDG.6F 2-4-2 Tsukiji Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0045 JAPAN
  • Year of establishment: 06-1975
  • Total annual sales volume (estimate): USD 5.0M - USD10.0M
  • Capital: 40M JPY
  • Number of employee: 40 employees (5- 2018)
  • Customer:
    1. Hisamitsu Department Store
    2. Maruetsu “Lincos”, Marche
    3. Shanghai Takashimaya
    4. Supermarket, Shanghai
  • Partner:
    1. Hutech Norin Co. Ltd.
    2. Inabata Co. Ltd.
    3. JMAC Global Japan
  • Office and member:

"We want to create delicious products, easy to cook and deliver to more people. At the same time, we want to create more values other than products and prices with keyword 'health' and bring them to our customers and employees.”

Mr. Takayuki Oka, President of Oka Foods


Seafood manufacturer that starts business from the point of view of customer.

We use our experience, knowledge and information we’ve accumulated until now to meet customer needs while thinking like a manufacturer. Customer satisfaction is the key of our success in business. We sensitively catch on what customers looking for and what they are in trouble to resolve all of them very quickly.

Creating new business opportunities from new ideas in higher productive ways and difference from common sense.

We believe that our great strong points including experience, knowledge and the such information we accumulated from daily operation enables us to develop successful products and services. So, we strive to improve work skills and provide on-the-job trainings for employees as well as creating innovation plans by encouraging new ideas, proposals of employees.

Actively facing with the decline of seafood resources and expanding new oversea businesses.

We sincerely listen to customers’ needs. We’ve acquired, commercialized new seafood resources, which have not been used as raw materials until now through procurement network in order to meet a variation of customer needs. In addition, we’re now engaging in various activities such as expanding and developing useful products like industrial meals and school lunches widely.


Our services stays beyond customer’s expectation!

Oka Foods cooperated with high qualified seafood processing factory in China, Vietnam and a subsidiary factory near Tokyo, Japan to meet diversified needs with unified production and distribution system. We are now developing logistics for centralized management of processing, storing and delivering as part of total marketing strategy. By realizing effective cooperation we flexibly meet a variety of needs in our business such as small and mix production, short time delivery, and customized production.

Customer Requirement

Quality management

Quality management

The factory productivity and quality control. Commit to hygiene directly by demonstrating a strong initiative. We’re constantly turning around the improvement cycle


Production & inventory management starting from the sales site. Reduce the stock burden on customer thoroughly and also contribute to inventory management


Shipping from overseas factories to domestic delivery. We’ve established a collective administrative suspension system. Product available when you need it
Marketing and PR

Marketing and PR

Catch up customer requests quickly. We use product development to commercialize. Cycle from raw material procurement to production