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Company Profile and History



Oka Foods Co., Ltd.

President: Mr. Takayuki Oka

Location: Tsukiji 242 Bldg.6F-7F 2-4-2 Tsukiji Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0045 Japan

Phone number: 03-3543-9515 (hotline)

Fax: 03-3545-8948 (order) 03-3545-8982 (sale)

Establishment: 6/1975 (Showa 50)

Capital: 40M JPY

Employee: 40 (until May, 2018)

Financial period: May

Field of business: Development, manufacture, import and sale of processed fish products, frozen fish and shellfish.

Branches and offices

Branches and offices

Oka Foods Factory Co., Ltd.

Location: Hamacho, Funabashi, Chiba 273-0012

Phone: 047-420-0339

Fax: 047-420-0263

Oka Foods Co., Ltd. Shanghai

Location: 969, Hongqiao Road, Hongqiao District, Shanghai, China

No. 161, Hongqiao City 5 Room 205 Room

Phone: (+86) 21-3256-1725


1975 (Showa 50)
Oka Foods, Inc. established with capital of 2M Yen
1978 (Showa 53)
Capital increase to 10M yen
1982 (Showa 57):
In Tokyo suburbs, as fillets processing sector product and the business alliance (corresponding to the small, multi-varieties and short delivery time)
1987 (Showa 62)
Started manufacturing squid processed products under its own brand in Hachinohe city, Aomori
1989 (original of Heisei)
Capital increase to 25M Yen
1990 (Heisei 2)
Capital participation in North Sales Food Co., Ltd.
Started processing with own brand in China
Outsourced logistics operations to Hutech Norin Co., Ltd. (Japan) as a primary distribution supplier
Start of processing at China's Yutai dedicated factory. Capital increased to 40M Yen.
Opened a dedicated factory in Shandong, China
Invests in Kitasame Foods Co., Ltd. (SOCA) (70% ownership ratio) Moves Kitasyo Foods Co., Ltd. into Funabashi's Cooperative Fisheries Distribution Co., Ltd. to expand operations
Started processing with own brand at a dedicated factory in Vietnam
Tsukiji grilled salmon with grilled fish series received "Processed food hit award" from Nippon Food Newspaper
Opened distribution bases in Kansai and Kyushu
Bone removal fillet product "Plus 100 selection" series received "Processed food hit award" from Nippon Food Shimbun
Established a sales company in China (Europe Shanghai Foods Co., Ltd.) Established a partnership with Quang Hieu Foods Co., Ltd. in Vietnam. Mr. Takashi Oka appointed as president and chairman
Takashi Oka takes office as Chairman of the Board with retirement from Chairman and Representative
Quang Hieu Foods Co., Ltd. started processing at its own brand at a new professsional factory
Takashi Oka resigned as Chairman of the Board and became Honorary Chairman
2018 (Heisei 20)
North Sales Foods Co., Ltd. changed its name to Oka Foods Factory Co., Ltd.
Setup Oka Foods Vietnam Co., Ltd for expanding business in Vietnam